Low Carb Sweet Treat Recipe: Chocolate Icing Fudge Stuff

Low Carb Chocolate Icing Fudge Stuff
I have never really known what to call this stuff so "icing fudge stuff" has always just kind of stuck.  This sprang out of desperation for something sweet about 17 years ago when I was new to low carb and first tried the Atkin's diet.  I don't know if it was in the original book I read or if there's a recipe floating out there.  I've done low carb on and off since then and this concoction has pretty much been one of my go to staples for a sweet fix.  

Fortunately, if I take my magnesium regularly my sweet tooth is virtually non-existent (my leg cramps also disappear = yay).  Here is the magnesium I swear by & take every other night or so:

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If you try out this recipe and tweak it in a way that makes it amazing, please comment and share - I love learning new tips and ideas :)

Enough jibber jabber, here's the recipe you clicked in for:

Low Carb Chocolate Icing Fudge Stuff


  • 8 ounces cream cheese (softened)
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  •  1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 16 drops EZ Sweetz (or 8 packets splenda)


  •  Put cream cheese in a bowl large enough to accommodate.  If the cream cheese wasn't pre-softened, microwave to soften.  
Stir cream cheese until smooth.

Add heavy whipping cream and sweetener drops; stir well.

Add cocoa powder and stir well with a spoon. 

Once stirred to your satisfaction, smooth out the surface with the back of the spoon you used to stir.  Cover and chill for a few hours.


Experiment with amount of cocoa and sweetener to your liking.  You can make it chocolatier or sweeter very easily.  It's also really good to add orange or peppermint extract to give it a different sort of taste.  Another thing I've done before is used sugar-free torani caramel syrup instead of the EZ Sweetz.

The adding cocoa powder step takes the most patience to get it stirred in well, but it's totally worth it - promise :)

You can also just make this as one serving - I do it ALL the time.  I don't even soften the cream cheese, I just throw it all in a bowl and stir stir stir stir stir until it's mixed well enough.  For me, when the sweet tooth roars, I usually am not prepared so I have to wing it.  When I do that, I have these great glass ramekins that I use & they came with lids so if I don't eat it all, I can store the rest for some other time.  


  • This makes 8 servings; the nutrition facts assumes you will eat 1 of them :)
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