Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Instructions to Make Faux Druzy Cabochons Ear Studs

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday!! Today I am going to show you how to make faux druzy ear studs with just a few simple supplies that are available at any craft store.


Two Rimmed Buttons that match
Glitter Glue
coordinating Loose Glitter (I prefer it in a shaker bottle)
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Sheet of Loose Paper that you can throw away when done
Ear Stud Blanks
E-6000 (or other preferred epoxy)
Sandpaper (or a scoring implement)
Cotton Balls

Now that you have all of your supplies all gathered up, let's get crafting.  Oh my gosh, this is seriously the easiest project ever.  It's a little time consuming, but SOOOO worth it.......cause, seriously, what is better than glitter y'all?!?!

Here are the super easy steps to make the faux druzy cabochons:

1.  Take your glitter glue and squeeze a good sized blop in the center of the button.  

2.  With the tip of the glue bottle drag the blop around by tapping and dragging the glue to make sure you get it to the rim - all the way around.

If you get the glitter glue anywhere on the rim where it looks unsightly, take a toothpick and carefully clean up the area.

3.  Carefully hold the button by the edges over your piece of paper & generously shake your loose glitter all over the glued area.

If your loose glitter is not in a shaker bottle, you can alternatively pour some in a ramekin & then carefully hold the button with tweezers & dip into the glitter.

4.  Once you have glittered the crap out of it, tap the edge of the button on your paper to shake off any loose glitter.

Here is what my paper looked like after I made several cabochons:

I'm sure you crafty folk know this, but once you are done it is super easy to clean up the glitter.  Carefully remove the top to your shaker bottle, make your paper a U shape to shake all the glitter into the middle, then simply pour the glitter back in the bottle & replace the top.  Easy peasy.

Next, you are going to want your lovely faux druzy cabochons to dry completely.  I like to just keep them on my silicone mat where I set them for 24 - 36 hours.

STEP FIVE:  Now that it is the next day *smiles* you are going to want to finish making the cabochons by applying a few coats of Mod Podge to seal your lovely work.  I like to apply a coat, let dry for 10-15 minutes, apply a second coat and let dry again, & finally add a third coat to let dry.  Alternatively, you could use a few coats of clear nail polish to seal the pieces.

The rest of the steps are the easy ones where you do not even need my assistance, but I am going to tell you what I do anyways :)


1.  Using your sandpaper or scoring tool, rough up the back of the buttons & the round pad of the ear stud blank.

2.  Apply some alcohol to your cotton ball, clean off the roughed up portion of the back of the buttons and the pad of the ear stud.

3.  Apply glue to the ear stud & firmly affix to the back of the button.  I usually apply pressure for a few seconds.  

4.  Set your newly made ear studs aside for 24 hours so your glue can cure fully (or for however long the epoxy you are using reccomends).

Voila!!!  You now have pretty faux druzy earrings to wear or to give as gifts :)  I'm personally planning on making these in a range of colors that I cannot find with traditional resin cabochons!  

Much Love, Kelly xo

Kelly Anderson

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